•  Jerri Aubry

     American Sign Language
     Email: jerri.aubry@lcps.org
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    A1-Planning B5- At Rock Ridge HS
    A2-American Sign Language 1 B6-At Rock Ridge HS
    A3-American Sign Language 2 & 3 B7-At Rock Ridge HS
    A4-American Sign Language 1 B8-At Rock Ridge HS
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    Greetings! I teach American Sign Language 1, 2 and 3. I have many passions, including studying ASL Linguistics, engaging myself in Deaf studies, and investing my time and energy in ASL teaching. After graduating from the Kansas School for the Deaf, I obtained my Bachelors of Arts in Deaf Education from MacMurray College; Jacksonville, IL and my Masters of Arts in Sign Language Education along with a Deaf Studies Certificate from Gallaudet University; Washington DC.  ASL is my native language, and as such, is an important element of my ongoing work in the field of sign language education. I have three beautiful, brilliant children who are also Deaf. Living in Middletown, Maryland, I have had the opportunity to explore the wonderful bicycling & hiking trails offered there. I am looking forward to engaging the students the total ASL immersion.