Mr. Patrick White, Assistant Principal

  • Patrick White began his careeer with LCPS in 2000 as a social sciences teacher at Loudoun Valley High School.  He then opened Harmony Intermediate as a new school in 2002 as a world history teacher for ninth grade students.  In 2007, he began his work in administration as a Dean for four ninth grade teams.  He continued his work as a Dean during the transition from Harmony Intermediate to Harmony Middle School.  In 2013, he moved from Dean to Assistant Prinicpal supporting Mr. Eric Stewart.  He is in his sixth year as an Assistant Principal and acts as the building lead for Special Education, Scheduling, Homebound, professional development, and school improvement.

    He graduated from WVU in 1996 and then pursued his education at Shepherd College, now Shepherd University where he completed his teaching requirements. His post graduate work in school administation was obtained through George Mason University.  He too has a daughter in 7th grade this year and is likely to share many experiences as parents in the Harmony community.  He is passionate about enjoying the outdoors and spending time with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys raising cattle and poultry as a hobby.