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    [RLC PTO Membership for 2020-21 School Year]

     For the 2020-21 School Year, RLC PTO will be offering two levels of Membership:

    PTO Basic Membership ($0) (Click Here to SignUp)
    One Membership Per family (if you signed up for this in the past - no need to repeat)
    [No membership perks; Only Email Subscription] 

    PTO Gold ($30) (Click Here to SignUp)
    One Membership per family per school year
    [Membership perks include Early Access to PTO Initiatives registration]

    • Members of the organization can serve in different capacities whether it be as board member, a coordinator, an event chair, a volunteer, or an attendee at an event.
    • It is up to the member to determine their level of committment to the organization.
    • Through Paid memberships, parents/guardians can show their financial support to the students and staff of RLC as the membership fees are used to fund PTO events/initiatives.
    • If you are not interested in becoming a member of the PTO, but would like to receive all PTO communications throughout the school year, we offer a basic membership option. Please note you will need to complete the basic membership registration form to opt to receive any emails directly from RLC PTO.

    For the 2020-21 School Year, RLC PTO will also be sharing key announcements and reminders through RLC PTO Info Updates Whatsapp groups. Please reach out to a PTO Board Member with your phone number and they will add you to this group.

    Thank You for your contribution and support!

    RLC PTO Board


Last Modified on September 19, 2020