Flynn and Appa!


    I have created this biography page to give students/parents a quick introduction about myself as we start our new school year. Please direct any questions you may have to my email - trey.flynn@lcps.org


    I have spent the majority of my life in Loudoun County. I even went to Potomac Falls High School for 3 years and graduated from Heritage High School. Post LCPS education, I've attended multiple Universities and received my Bachelor's degree in History and Political Science from Virginia Tech. I've also transferred to Universities and attended Community College for a year, so I can be a lot of help to any students worrying about the Community College/Transfer student route. I'm currently in a graduate program at the University of Virginia and let me tell you, school is HARD but well worth it (for some).


    My hobbies include hanging out with my best friend and wife, Kelsi Faley (who is a teacher here at Potomac Falls), hanging out with my Shih Tzu's (Appa & Momo), being active, watching an insane amount of movies and TV shows, and lastly learning about why the world is the way it is.


    My philosophy as a teacher is pretty simple. I want my students to be the change they seek in the world. You may not know what that is yet, but hopefully, through learning at Potomac Falls and in my classrooms, we can work on setting goals and bettering ourselves.

Last Modified on March 25, 2022