• This class utilizes Google Classrom and Vision. Students are trained in how to access these platforms. Please reach out if your student is not able to gain access. 


    Student should also have the following materials: 


       Method Book(s): The following books need to be purchased to be used in class and for at home practice

    Guitar 7: TBD

        Guitar 8: TBD

    All Levels: Assigned Music (distributed in class) 


    •        A nylon string guitar for home practice is a requirement* for participation in all guitar classes.
    •        A class set of nylon string guitars is available for in school use only*.  
    •        If you are looking to upgrade to a nicer/next step instrument, please contact Mr. Kunk and he will help guide you and your family. 

    *If you have questions or concerns about obtaining an instrument for home use, please contact Mr. Kunk. In cases of financial need, a guitar can be provided.


    •        Strings: All students need an extra set of strings to have in their case should a string break during class time. Recommended string brands include D’Addario or Augustine  
    •        Music stand: to be kept and used at home.
    •        Tuner: to be kept and used at home. 
    •        Metronome: (can download free mobile app)
    •        Foot stool: or cushion or A-frame to support proper playing posture

    ·        Pencils: to mark music during rehearsal