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  • ICA 2nd Quarter Outline



    2nd Quarter Nine Week Plan


    November 6/7               Posture and Technique #3 Summative

    November 6/7               Timed Writing #3 Summative

    November 6/7               Typing Lessons Progress Formative

    November 6/7               Blank Keyboard Summative

    November 14/15           Vocabulary Formative

    November 18/19           Vocabulary Summative

    November 18/19           Newsletter Formatting Formative

    November 22/25           Newsletter Formatting Summative

    November 22/25           Typing Lessons Progress Formative

    November 22/25           Posture and Technique #4 Formative

    November 22/25           Timed Writing #4 Summative

    December 3/4               Entrepreneurship Formative

    December 9/10             Entrepreneurship Summative

    December13/16            Business Letter Formative

    December 17/18           Posture and Technique #5 Summative

    December 17/18           Timed Writing #5 Summative

    December 17/18           Typing Lessons Progress Formative

    December 19/20           Business Letter Summative

    January 10/13               Posture and Technique #6 Summative

    January 10/13               Timed Writing #6 Summative

    January 10/13               Typing Lessons Progress Formative

    January 14/15               Tables Formative

    January 16/17               Tables Summative


    CTE Grading Policy 


    Formative assessments will be used to periodically check for understanding throughout the quarter and will not count towards the actual calculated numeric grade.

    Summative assessments in CTE will be based on a point-value system where each assessment has a different value depending on the nature of the assessment. No single assessment will count for more than 20% of the quarter grade.

    Retesting Policy:  

    At JML, we believe that children should be able to show their knowledge of content in many ways. We also believe that it is our responsibility to instill solid study habits and ownership of learning in our students. This year, the following procedures will be in place regarding the re-teaching and re-testing of material.

    a) If a student scores an 87% or above on a summative assessment, they are not eligible for a retake. They have shown they understand the content substantially and can move onto the next unit.

    b) If a student scores between a 70%-86% on a summative, they are eligible for a retake, but the highest they can score on the new summative is an 86%. Optional retakes must be initiated by the student and follow the teacher’s directions for completing a re-teaching session and scheduling the new assessment. Only one retake per summative will be allowed.


    c) If a student scores below a 70%, it is the teacher’s responsibility to schedule a re-teaching sessionand give the child a retake, and the new assessment will also have a cap of 86%. Only one retake per summative will be allowed.


    As always, teachers have discretion to work with families should unusual or unique circumstances occur. Teachers should work within a reasonable time frame with students to help them complete the requirements for retakes.

Last Modified on November 21, 2019