• RLC PTO Events


    We are excited for this school year (2020-21) and look forward to bringing many Family Events for our Coyotes to participate and have fun throughout the year.

    Events are the lifeblood of our school community and are what bring all of our Coyote families and RLC Staff together in a fun and playful atmosphere when school is not in session. 

    We are excited to share a few such Events co-organized by RLC PTO with the help of countless Parent Coordinators, Volunteers and RLC Staff here:

    • Open House
    • Back To School Bingo
    • Coyote Fun Run
    • Glow Dance
    • Donuts with Dads
    • Coyote Snowflake Ball
    • Holiday Shop
    • March Madness
    • Mornings with Moms
    • Teacher's Appreciation Week
    • Kindergarten Registration
    • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
    • New Parent Welcome
    • 5th Grade Graduation Ceremony & Party

    These events bring us a sense of warmth and connectedness to our Coyote families not to mention they create an amazing social atmosphere to nurture our little Coyotes through their school year.

    RLC PTO organized Events are not possible without the immense support of the RLC Coyote families through their monetary and time contributions. We thank you all and request your continued support.

    Please remember, PTO uses any funds raised towards enriching the quality of education and day-to-day experience of our RLC Coyotes and RLC Staff.

    Please help your school and RLC PTO by engaging in any way through these wonderful events organized throughout the school year from the first day of school to the last day of school.

    Feel free to reach us at vp-events@rlcpto.org for any Events related questions or if you are ready to volunteer for RLC PTO in any capacity.


    Shalini Barrientos
    VP Events, RLC PTO Board 2019-20 School Year
    Niloofar Agah
    Co VP Events, RLC PTO Board 2020-21 School Year

Last Modified on September 1, 2020