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    Riverside Rams! Olivia Moorehead
     Social Science

        Welcome Rams! I am excited to begin my second year with the Social Sciences and Global Studies department at Riverside! I am a former LCPS student and I am honored to teach in the community I learned so much from.  I recieved my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science at Radford University in 2016. I will be teaching three World History I classes and two Pre AP World History I class. I am looking forward to an awesome school year. GO RAMS!


      Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding the class.

      My 2018-19 Schedule:

     1st  World History I  5th  Professional Duty
     2nd  Intro to AP World History  6th  World History I
     3rd  Intro To AP World History  7th  World History I
     4th  Planning  8th  Common Planning

      What you need for this class:


      3 Ring Binder (1 inch + preferred)

      Loose leaf paper

      Black ink pen

      Colored ink pen (any color)


      Other Optional Recommendations: Highlighters, set of colored pencils, crayons, or makers, 2 dividers, index cards

      Tissues? If possible

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    Reassessment Policy:  Reassessments are an option for students who earn below an 84% on the original assessment. Prior remediation is required before taking the reassessment. Remediation assignments and reassessments must be completed in accordance with the published deadlines. Students may earn up to a 84% on the reassessment. 
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