Classroom Routines & Procedures:
    Google Classroom:
    Our Google Classroom is home to our Notes, Tutorials, Practice Assignments, and access to extension/enrichment activities or organizations that are using Math to make a positive impact on our world.  I also posts assessment dates in our Google Classroom which then transfer to student Google calendars. 
    To log in to Google Classroom: students should log in to LCPS Go
    Username: Student ID
    Initial Password: 6-digit birthday (students will be prompted to create/change to a "strong" password)
    Once logged in to LCPS Go, select the "Google" Application icon.
    From there, select "Google Classroom"
    Once logged in to Google Classroom, select the + icon at the top left and "Join Class"
    Students are given a specific code to join the appropirate Google Classroom for their course and block.
    This year we will utilize IXL to practice newly learned skills and review/preview other Math course material.
    To log in to your student IXL account: www.ixl.com
    Username: first initial + last name(@shm   Ex: lgammache@shm
    Password: Student ID
    This year will also utilize ALEKS.  ALEKS is a self-paced, adaptive Math program that provides each student with a Personalized Learning Path.  Using engaging tools, immediate feedback, and automatic assessments, ALEKS helps students to review and master the skills needed to be successful in their Math class.  Students should access ALEKS through LCPS Go.  Search for "ALEKS", click "Launch".  If their account does not load within 30 seconds, they should simply refresh the page.  If your child received an error message, they should go back to LCPS Go and re-select ALEKS. 
    SOL Information & Practice:
    Visit the Virginia Department of Education Website for information of Cource Standards, Curriculum Framework, SOL Testing Blueprints, and other Resources for Instruction & Assessment, including Released SOL Tests.
    Students are encouraged to prepare for the Math SOL by completing Practice SOL Tests via the Jefferson Lab website.
Last Modified on September 23, 2019