• Welcome to Introduction to Computer Applications (ICA)


    This is my 3rd year as a teacher and at River Bend Middle School. I am a recent graduate of Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA. I obtained my Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership in San Antonio, TX. Prior to that, I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Corporate Communications in Pittsburgh, PA. 

    Intro to Computer Applications was previously called keyboarding. With the addition of changing the course name, LCPS has added additional competencies to the curriculum. 

    Students will learn and develop touch typing skills required for entering alphabetic, numeric and symbolic information on a desktop computer keyboard. This business education course is designed to help students use the computer and business skills efficiently, successfully and productively. New skills are strengthened and typing speed is increased throughout the semester. Students will utilize various word processing programs to create business/personal letters, documents, and brochures, just to name a few. Students will be expected to learn proper keyboarding techniques and will be evaluated on their skills. MicroType is completed during class and their are numerous assessments given. Class attendance and participation is crucial. In addition to typing, coding and computer projects, the students will also explore various business education concepts throughout the course. These activities are aligned with the Virginia Department of Educaiton CTE competencies. 

    A majority of the work is done in class, which means only typing practice at home is their "homework". Have your student practice online via typingclub.com. In some cases, if a student is absent or behind on assignments, homework may be assigned. 

    Students are expected to meet or exceed expectations in an effort to foster an environment in which all classmates can make meaningful contributions and be one to the world! 


    Heather Ehrin, Introduction to Computer Applications