Pathways to Reading And Writing

    Loudoun's Pathways to Reading and Writing, is an explicit staff development model, which provides kindergarten, first and second grade teachers, and instructional specialists with a consistent, research and strategies-based framework of reading and writing instruction. The teacher expertise and on-going professional support provided by this program transfers into literacy compentency for all students.
    How is this literacy program conducted in the classroom? The students work on skills such as:
    *Letters and Sounds: Letters have distinctive features and may be identified by names or sounds
    *Word Study: The phonetic and structural features of words
    *Comprehension: The process of constructing meaning while reading
    *Phonics: Letter and sound relationships and how they are used in reading and writing
    *Independent reading: Students read texts independently with teacher support as needed
    *Shared reading: Teacher and children read text together concentrating on targeted skills
    *Guided reading: Teacher guides the reading of small differentiated student groups with appropriate leveled texts
    *Read aloud: Teacher reads text aloud to students to model and focus on skills
    *Writers workshop: Students are engaged in the writing process and produce pieces of writing in many genres.