• Photography Semester & Full Year (studio & lab)

    Materials needed for this course:
    ∞ (1) 1” Binder w/ 5 tab dividers.
    ∞ (1) Ream of college ruled paper for notes
    ∞ (1) packet of top loading sheet protectors
    ∞ (4) #2 Pencils
    ∞ Eraser
    ∞ 16 Gigabyte Flash Drive
    Students are responsible for having these materials with them in class each day.

    Optional Materials:

    While not required it is highly recommended student invest in their own DSLR cameras. Parents and students should check out either Canon T7i or Nikon 3400/3500 with camera bag, 16 gigs + SD card and, battery. Amazon usually runs package deal with all cameras throughout the summer and early fall. 
    Students will be provided with 3 rolls of 400 ISO Tri-X Pan 24 exposure film and 15 sheets of
    photographic paper. If the student needs to redo any step of a project they will need to purchase
    additional supplies at their own expense. Purchase locally at Ace Photo 44710 Cape Ct, Ashburn, VA
    20147 or online www.freestylephoto.biz, www.bhphotovideo.com or www.amazon.com.
    - Additional roles of 400 ISO Tri-X Pan with 24 exposures (no more unless you have your own
    - Additional 5 x 7 inch RC paper. If you would like to print larger photographs you may purchase
    glossy 8 X 10 inch RC paper (no larger).