• Smart Lab

    For Student and Professional Learning


    The Liberty Elementary School SMART Lab ensures that students and teachers are getting a common learning experience and administrators at Loudoun County Public Schools view this dedicated space as a valuable tool for empowering students and preparing them for jobs in the 21st century global workforce.  Students are immersed in new technologies every month and learning how to apply their knowledge to everyday life.  The Smart Lab as a place for students to come together as it is a collaborative space where students and teachers learn 21st century technologies, techniques, and skills to compete in the workplaces of the future. Liberty’s motto “Preparing Active Learners” comes to fruition when students enter the lab. Students and teachers are both excited to learn something new each time they enter, and are even more excited to be able to apply their knowledge back in the classroom for the rest of the year.


    Liberty has transformed the normal computer lab setting into an innovative space which introduces students to a multitude of technologies, allows them to feel empowered in their learning, and challenges them to push their boundaries.  Each class at Liberty comes to the SMART Lab for a lesson bi-weekly, adapting their skills for each new challenge.  Then the students are able to take their skills and implement them into their classrooms for everyday use.  Students in kindergarten through fifth grade learn how to code, 3D print, compose music, make green screen videos, edit videos, make stop motion films, create video games, and engage in augmented reality applications in Liberty Elementary School's SMART Lab.


    Smart Lab Lessons all include the following criteria:
    Curricular Alignment

    The learning experience is focused on teaching students specific and important knowledge, understanding, and skills

    Planning & Sharing

    Teachers team-plan and/or share lessons to revise in team meetings to ensure that each teacher has voice and understanding



    Grade-level teachers deliver specific content as IFT introduces new technology.  All teachers actively support students to master content and competencies


    Student Collaboration

    Students work interdependently together to apply technology to learn or demonstrate learning of specific grade-level curriculum


    Digital Competencies

    Students apply critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, and communication to create digital content and products that are not possible without technology