• We appreciate our Partners and wish to make their experience successful.

    Partnership Handbook

     Hillsboro Charter Academy recommends the following practices for all partners:

    • Regularly check the online partnership website. Postings are possibly added and removed on a daily basis.
    • To minimize class distractions, we ask that you do not bring young children with you when partnering during instructional hours
    • Do bring your talents and expertise to the classrooms! We welcome your presentations and discussions with the students about your job, talents, or hobbies. Coordinate with the classroom teacher ahead of time.
    • Remember that when you are partnering in the classroom, you are there to collaborate with the staff in their specific goals.
    • Please arrive and depart promptly as scheduled. The teachers have a schedule to keep.
    • Please report a change in plans or cancellation as soon as possible to the staff affected. If the cancellation occurs a few days prior to the job, please free up the job on our partnership computer system (name/address of computer system) so another might take your place.
    • Remember that discipline is the responsibility of the HCA staff, not yours. If discipline problems arise, please notify a staff member.
    • Maintain a positive and supportive atmosphere for our students at all times.
    • As a partner, you will may be afforded access to or knowledge of personal information through documents or conversation about students or staff. We ask that you treat this information as confidential. Please do not discuss or disseminate confidential information to anyone outside of appropriate HCA or LCPS staff members.
    • All individuals entering school property during instructional hours for partnership activities must check in and out at the computer terminal in the main office at the beginning and end of their time on campus.