Licensure Renewal

  • Welcome to the Licensure Renewal information page.  As the owner of your teaching license, you should maintain accurate records of each license renewal activity and keep copies of all information.  Should you leave the employment of Loudoun County Public Schools, the license renewal information you maintain is what you will take with you to your next destination.  Make certain all information is accurate and signed by your renewal advisor (Principal, Assistant Principal, or Supervisor).
    HRTD must receive all renewal documentation by December 22, 2020.  You may submit your completed packet of renewal documents to the Department of HRTD between December 1-22, 2020.  Applications should not be dated before December 1, 2020.
  • Licensure Renewal Overview

  • License Renewal Application and Fee

  • Professional Development Points (180)

  • Training Requirements for Licensure Renewal

  • Training Requirements for School Counseling

  • Virginia State and Local Civic Education Module Training

Last Modified on February 25, 2021