Team Events
    The HHS Swim Team has a Mandatory Pasta Dinner for swimmers on the Thursday or Friday evening before swim meets.
    Pasta dinners are an important team bonding experience. 

    Donations for the next Pasta Dinner will be requested the week of the dinner. Please sign up on Volunteer Spot.
    Address and directions to the host dinner will be on Volunteer Spot. They will NOT be posted on the HHS website.
    Contact Julie Doiron (email) with any questions.
    For each Pasta Party the following items are needed from swim team families:


    7 Pasta Dishes (enough to feed 8-10) - 2 should be Mac & Cheese

    1 Veggie Platter

    2 Salads

    Bread & Butter

    2 Desserts
    Drinks -   4 x large bottles sports drink (Gatorade, powerade)
                    4 x large bottles sports drink (Gatorade, powerade)
                    1 x case of small water bottles
                              1 x case of small water bottles 
     Also, please remember that we have peanut allergies so make sure that all dishes are peanut-free. 
    Thank you to the following families for volunteering to host the Pasta Dinners this year.
    As a reminder the host family is responsible for providing the venue and paper products.
    Thurs Dec 5 Vierheller
    Thurs Dec 12 Doiron
    Fri Jan10 Fabian
    Fri Jan 17 McAllister
    Thurs Jan 30 Daily
    After some meets, the team gathers for a post-meet feast at Ihop. Please see the coaches for location and time. This function is optional for swimmers.
    HHS Swim Team will receive a percentage of sales at the following restaurants during swim season. Check back for dates. 
    You do not need to be associated with the HHS Swim Team to help us raise money so SPREAD THE WORD!!!
Last Modified on December 22, 2013