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    All required VHSL/Heritage forms are due to Mr Petrella, Athletic Director by Thursday November 7.
    NO swimmer will be allowed in the pool at tryouts, without completing all necessary paperwork. See the Heritage Main Athletic webpage for the required forms.
    Meet Buddies is a Heritage swim program where at specified meets during the season each HHS swimmer presents a goodie bag to his/her assigned HHS swimmer. 
    At Wednesday practice each team member attending the upcoming meet, draws a name of another swim team member. It is his/her responsibility to create a goodie bag and give it to his/her assigned swimmer at the swim meet (before warm-ups).
    Goodie bags can be thoughtful, practical, and humourous but not expensive. Healthy energy drinks, power bars and other snacks, as well as items from dollar stores are just a few suggestions. Be creative and have fun!
    Buddies will be drawn for the meets on 12/15/2012, 01/05/2013, 01/18/2013.
    According to VHSL rules, NO LOGOS from other teams are allowed on suits or caps at practice or meets throughout the season. You must black-out the logos or wear a different suit or cap. This includes both summer and year-round programs. This is grounds for disqualification at swim meets.
    * No jewelry allowed. This is grounds for disqualification at swim meets.
    * No electronics on the pool deck. Cell phones should be placed in a plastic bag in your swim bag and should not be removed during practice or a meet.
Last Modified on January 26, 2014