Moorefield Station Sharks Become One
    Loudoun County's
    Computer Science Immersion Elementary Schools
    LCPS Computer Science Immersion Logo
    In Virginia and across the nation, employers struggle to fill computer programming jobs. Meanwhile, our nation and world face substantial problems relating to topics such as economic growth, health, education, and the environment. One of the many challenges relating to successfully addressing these problems is the scarcity of individuals with strong computer programming skills and knowledge.
    Moorefield Station is one (1) of three (3) Loudoun County Public Schools that was selected to represent our school division in a new initiative.   
    In Kindergarten through grade two, students will balance the time they spend on computers by engaging in hands-on, high-interest lessons with manipulatives, such as Legos, in order to develop an understanding of patterns and sequences that will serve as a foundation for computer programming. Starting in grade three, students will participate in blindfolded chess to develop visual-spatial abilities that would contribute to their success as programmers. In grades four and five, students will start to learn Java, the most popular programming language in the world.
    These are a few of the many creative activities our "sharks" will participate in during the academic year as one of the first "computer immersion schools" in Loudoun County with a focus on the "code to the future"!!! We are happy to partner with Meadowland and Round Hill Elementary Schools in this great adventure!
Last Modified on September 27, 2020