• Workers Comp
    Any injured employee MUST report the incident to their supervisor! 

    What to do if you’re accidentally injured on the job: 
    1. Report the accident immediately to your supervisor.
    2. A physician chosen from a Panel of Physicians (see Quick Links to the right) must be used if medical treatment is needed.
    3. If a Panel Physician is unavailable at the time of an emergency, an emergency facility may treat you; however, any follow-up care must be rendered by the physician chosen by you from the Panel of Physicians.
    4. Your Panel Physician can refer you to a specialist if needed. You may not choose a specialist yourself.
    5. As Virginia Law requires (section 65.2-603), if you do not receive treatment from a Panel Physician, your Workers' Compensation benefits may be terminated and your medical bills will not be paid. If you sustain a compensable work injury, your Workers' Compensation Administrator will only be responsible for bills from the following:

          a. Panel Physicians      b. Authorized treating specialist      c. An emergency facility in a true emergency

    6. If your injury causes you to miss time from work, you must have a Doctor’s excuse and provide it to your supervisor and the Leave & Disability office.
    Did you know that not all work-related injuries are covered by Workers' Compensation? If you do not follow safety rules (written or verbally spoken), your claim can be denied. Things that can put your claim in jeopardy:

          • Standing on a chair      • Standing on a table      • Standing in a sink
    You should always use a ladder or step stool. Broken bones, head injuries and hospital confinement denied by workers' compensation may mean no income during your recovery! Take time to use the proper equipment. 
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Last Modified on October 16, 2023