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    The Leave Donation Program allows employees to voluntarily donate a portion of their personal or annual leave (whole days only) to co-workers who have exhausted their own paid leave due to their own serious health condition as designated under the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or School Board Policy and Regulation.  This program enables employees to remain on leave with pay for a longer period of time.


    Means a physical or mental illness or injury, as certified by a licensed health care provider, of an employee that will require the employee to be absent on a consecutive or intermittent basis.


    ·        An employee who is eligible to accrue and use paid leave.

    ·        Leave taken under this program must qualify under FMLA or School Board Regulation for personal illness or injury and must be taken concurrently.  

    ·        All paid leave must be exhausted.


    ·        This donation is only for the serious health condition of the employee.

    ·        Recipient will receive information on how to apply for Leave Donations in the leave materials that will be sent to their home address.

    ·        Recipient must have exhausted all paid leave.

    ·        Recipient may use a maximum of 30 days of Donated Leave based on their regular contracted hours per day. This will be calculated on a “rolling” backward calendar year.

    ·        Recipient must complete the leave paperwork in its entirety, including any medical certifications required.

    ·        Recipient may be required to provide additional medical information as requested.

    ·        Recipient must complete the Donated Leave Recipient Application form and submit to the Retirement & Disability Programs Office.

    ·        Recipient requests are reviewed and approved by the Assistant Superintendent of Business and Financial Services or his/her designee.

    ·        Donated leave shall be calculated by using a "rolling" 12-month period measured backward from the date the employee uses any days from this program.

    ·        Donations are effective the next pay period after the donor and recipient forms are received and processed.


    ·        Donors may donate up to 30 days of personal or annual leave to a specific employee.

    ·        Donations must be in full day increments.

    ·        Donations, once approved, are irrevocable.

    ·        Donor must complete the donation paperwork in its entirety.


     Leave Donation Program Forms:

     Donor Application

    Recipient Application


Last Modified on February 3, 2020