• Retirement
    Congratulations! You are either thinking about retirement or have made the decision to retire!

    While this is a very exciting time, we recognize that not knowing exactly what to do can be overwhelming. So, we have provided helpful information below to assist you with this process.

    Take some time to look over the important steps and forms you need to complete. View the "How to Complete your Retirement Application" video so you are familiar with the forms. Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you at this very exciting time!

    Important Steps

    1. Call our office at 571-252-1690 to request a Retirement Packet.
    2. Log in to your myVRS and review the benefit payout options that are available to you. To access your myVRS account, visit the Virginia Retirement System website and click on myVRS in the upper left-hand corner of the home screen.
    3. Follow the directions on the "Retirement Checklist" to help you navigate through the process. Also take a moment to look through the VRS "Getting Ready to Retire" Guide.
    4. Visit the VRS website and view the video “How to Complete your Retirement Application”.
    5. Once you have completed your forms, you can call our office and schedule a one-on-one session with one of our Retirement Specialists to assist you in finalizing your paperwork.
    6. Submit your paperwork to the Retirement & Disability Programs office no later than three months prior to your retirement date. It takes VRS 90 days to process a retirement application. You can send your paperwork to us or you can call our office and set up an appointment to go over the packet together. We will review your completed forms and submit them to the Virginia Retirement System.

    Important Information
    • Do not sign and date your paperwork earlier than 120 days prior to your retirement date.
    • Include a copy of your birth certificate and/or passport.  If you have elected a Survivor Option payout, please also include a copy of your survivor's birth certificate and/or passport.
    • Contact Employee Health, Wellness, and Benefits at 571-252-1810 for assistance with any questions regarding retiree health insurance.
    • Refer to "Termination of Benefits" for information on voluntary benefits to which you may subscribe.



     Information, Forms and Resources
    Virginia Retirement System Forms to Complete

    Request for Health Insurance Credit VRS-45 – for retirees with 15 or more years of VRS service
    Designation of Beneficiary VRS-2 - to designate more than 3 beneficiaries, a continuation form, the VRS-2A, is also required. 
    Designation of Beneficiary – Continuation VRS-2A 

    Loudoun County Public School Retirement Forms to Complete

    Retirement Payout Distribution Request – for retirees with 10 or more years of service with LCPS
    Retiree Health Insurance Enrollment/Change Form – for retirees with 15 or more cumulative years of service with LCPS, hired before July 1, 2013, and participation in a LCPS health insurance plan for 3 years directly preceding retirement.
    Retiree Questionnaire - please complete this questionnaire to provide information about your career with LCPS to be included in the Retiree Yearbook that you will receive. 
Last Modified on March 4, 2020