• Applying for Retirement 

    Congratulations! You are either thinking about retirement or have made the decision to retire!  While this is a very exciting time, we recognize that not knowing exactly what to do can be overwhelming. So, we have provided helpful information below to assist you with this process. Take some time to look over the important steps and forms you need to complete below. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    To apply for retirement, you will need to complete both VRS and LCPS forms. Each of these fillable forms should be completed, printed and signed. Please complete the forms as best you can using the links and instructions below. Once you have completed the forms and are ready to submit them, call Employee Health, Wellness and Benefits at 571-252-1810 to schedule an appointment with a Retirement Specialist.  The Retirement Specialist will advise you on the best way to get your paperwork to our office and answer any questions you may have. 

    Complete the following Virginia Retirement System (VRS) forms: 

    VRS-5 Application for Service Retirement

    • Box 2 Retirement Date is the first day of month following your last day worked.
    • Please do not answer Box 14. LCPS does not participate in VSDP.
    • Only complete Part C: Survivor Information if you choose the Survivor Option in Part B: Payout Option Selection, Box 17.
    • If married or separated, your spouse must sign this form regardless of your payout option. The spouse is acknowledging his/her knowledge of your payout selection.

    VRS-2 Designation of Beneficiary Form

    • Please complete form to designate beneficiaries for your life insurance and your member account balance. If you have more than three beneficiaries, please complete a VRS-2a Continuation Form.            

    VRS-45 Request for Health Insurance Credit

    • Eligibility for this retirement benefit is 15 years of service with the Virginia Retirement System.

    VRS-78 Authorization to Deduct Insurance Premiums

    • To be completed if you would like your LCPS retiree health insurance premiums (if eligible) deducted directly from your VRS benefit payments.


    Complete the following Loudoun County Public Schools forms: 

    LCPS Retirement Payout Distribution Request

    • Annual leave payout is available for 12-month working employees only.
    • Sick leave and Retiree Bonus payouts are available to employees who have worked for LCPS at least 10 years prior to submitting the VRS Application for Retirement.

    LCPS Retiree Health Insurance Enrollment/Change Form (if eligible)

    • Check your eligibility for Retiree Health Insurance.
    • If you are eligible, complete regardless of whether you are or are not going to elect LCPS health coverage.
    • Retiree Health Insurance Rates
    • If you or your spouse are Medicare-eligible (ex. 65 or older or Social Security disabled) and elect to enroll in the LCPS Retiree Health Insurance Plan, you are required to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B and submit a copy of your Medicare card prior to your coverage effective date.  You should apply for Medicare 90 days prior to your active coverage ending, or as soon as possible, at www.medicare.gov or by calling your local Social Security Office. Learn more about the LCPS Cigna Medicare Surround Plan on our website. 

    Voluntary Separation from Employment

    • Submit your Voluntary Separation through ORACLE Employee Self-Service. Enter the last workday you intend to work and a reason of “Retirement”.  If retiring at the end of the school year, be sure the date you enter is the last date of your contract.  This information will be sent directly to your Supervisor for approval and then routed through Human Resources.

     Retirement Questionnaire

    • This is optional but helps us create a paragraph about your time with LCPS and what you plan to do in retirement for the annual Retiree Yearbook.

    If you prefer, a pdf of all of the 2021 Retirement Forms is available for you to print and complete.


    Important Information

    • myVRS Account
      • Log into your myVRS account and review your VRS payout options. Print off estimates for your records.  Review your payout options with your Financial Advisor, if desired. 
    • Termination of Active Benefits When Leaving LCPS
      Welcome to Retirement - Your Benefits 
    • Basic Life Insurance
      • Employer-paid Basic Life Insurance is based on your salary times two. After retirement, your basic life insurance reduces in benefit – See page 25 of VRS publication “Getting Ready to Retire” if you are a VRS Plan 1 or Plan 2 member.  See page 21 of the VRS publication "Getting Ready to Retire for HYBRID Employees" if you are a VRS Hybrid member. 
    • Optional Life Insurance
      • Employee paid Optional Life Insurance, if already enrolled at the time of retirement, can be continued after retiring. Ask for a conversion packet - See page 26 of VRS publication “Getting Ready to Retire” if you are a VRS Plan 1 or Plan 2 member. See page 23 of the VRS publication "Getting Ready to Retire for HYBRID Employees" if you are a VRS Hybrid member. 
    • Working after Retirement
    • Substituting for LCPS
      • You are eligible to substitute for LCPS after a break in service of one calendar month in which you would have worked. For example, if you are retiring at the end of the school year, you can return as a substitute on October 1st of the next school year. Information can be found in the Applying to Substitute with LCPS! flyer.

    Once you have completed your forms, or if you have any questions, please contact Employee Health, Wellness and Benefits at 571-252-1810 to speak to a Retirement Specialist. 




Last Modified on February 9, 2021