• 2018-2019 Research Biology Summer Assignment - Instructions for all 3 Parts

    2018-2019 Research Biology Summer Assignment - Power Point for Part 2, Research Notebook Set-Up

    Riverside High School 2018-2019

    Research Biology Summer Review


    These review activities are designed to help you review material you need to be prepared for Research Biology. You are asked to complete these over the summer so that you are successful in this course. There are three activities that MUST BE DONE IN THE ORDER BELOW:

    • Part 1: Scientific Method and Experimental Design Review Packet (Print off - do NOT do on a computer)

    • Part 2: Research Notebook Set-Up – use the Power Point found on Riverside’s Summer Assignment website. YOU MUST GET THE NOTEBOOK SHOWN BELOW.  IT IS THE REQUIRED NOTEBOOK FOR THIS COURSE.  NO EXCEPTIONS! (colors optional)

    • Part 3: Virtual Seed Lab – Instructions found in the last half of this packet.

     The three components listed above need to be complete prior to the first day of classes. Anything not completed over the summer will need to be completed by August 29th (A day) OR August 30th (B day). It is suggested that you work on these 1-3 weeks before school starts so that the material will be fresh in your mind for class.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Kelli Sobota at Kelli.Sobota@lcps.org, Mrs. Brittany Papaleo at Brittany.Papaleo@lcps.org, or Mr. Andrew Koons at Andrew.Koons@lcps.org.

    **Research Biology requires the following spiral bound, graph-ruled notebook.  These can be found at Staples.

    Required Research Notebook

    Staples® Accel Durable Poly Cover Notebook, Graph Ruled, 8-1/2" x 11", Assorted