• What is a School Counselor?

    School counselors are mental health professionals and student advocates who work in schools to support students' academic, socio-emotional, and career development.  School counselors are highly trained and educated with master's degrees as well as state licensure and certifications.  They are responsible for the organization and management of the school's counseling services.  

    School counselors work with students and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, and community services to help support student development and overall success.

    School counseling services are child-centered, developmental, and preventative.  These services are also inclusive and respectful of student and staff differences in religion, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual-orientation, ability, and age.

    What do School Counselors do?

    • Teach bi-weekly classroom counseling lessons on a variety of student-centered topics
    • Facilitate counseling in small groups that meet 6-8 sessions
    • Conduct limited, short-term individual counseling, as needed
    • Consult with parents and staff to support student success
    • Refer families to community/county resources as needed
    • Respond to and assist with school crises and/or conflicts
    • Provide a safe environment that respects and values differences
    • Advocate for all Pinebrook students and families

    What are some of the topics that are discussed during classroom counseling lessons?

    • Bullying Education & Prevention
    • Friendship/Conflict Resolution/Social Skills
    • Respectful Communication
    • Strategies for School Success
    • Career Exploration and Future Planning
    • Kindness Initiatives
    • Middle School Transition Skills

    When should I contact a School Counselor?

    If you believe your child is experiencing difficulty at home or at school regarding academic achievement, family changes, social skills, or adjusting to transitions, it may be helpful to consult with your child's school counselor. 

What Does A School Counselor Do?
Last Modified on May 13, 2022