School Climate Survey Reports

  • The core beliefs of Loudoun County Public Schools emphasize the importance of continuous improvement, community partnerships, and a safe learning environment in our mission to empower all students to make meaningful contributions to the world.


    In February and March 2017, LCPS conducted division-wide Annual Staff, Student, and Parent Surveys to collect data from our stakeholders about their perceptions regarding some of the climate factors that influence student achievement. Questions addressed topics such as positive relationships between teachers and students, student peer relations, teacher collaboration, rules and expectations, and communication with parents. The surveys are intended to be used with other data points to identify strengths and areas for growth as we strive to create optimal learning opportunities for our students.


    Reports have been published for each school, as well as the division as a whole.  Please note that, while the response rates for the student, staff and parent surveys for 2016-17 were lower than statistical thresholds to be considered representative of our community, the results present the most comprehensive collection of climate data for LCPS in several years.  Through deeper analysis and reflection, we can gain an understanding of the factors producing the results and how we can take steps to continually improve our school climate.


    For more information about how to use the survey reports, review the guidelines in the Annual Student, Staff and Parent Survey Reference Guide.


    LCPS Division Level Reports 2016-17


    Parent Survey


    Staff Survey


    Student Survey



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Last Modified on May 31, 2017