• Welcome to your final assignment!  You have been tasked with using all of your knowledge to create a rollercoaster made out of paper.

    Here's what you're gonna need!

    Cardstock Paper 250 count (110 # is best)
    Scotch Tape (lot's of it)

    Foam Core Board (20"x28")


    I provide:


    A paper cutter
    Masking tape or Duct tape (you don't need the tape, just the shape of the roll for your loops and corkscrews).

    Helpful Hints in no particular order.

    Build from the bottom up.
    Crease ALL folds.
    Make a plan, but be flexible if things aren't working out.
    Make good supports.
    Keep the decline of your tracks to a minimum (so the marble doesn't roll too fast) unless you are trying to get over a loop or complete a jump.


    Paper Roller Coasters
    Objective: Work in groups of 3 to 4 to utilize your knowledge of a variety of physical principles such as energy, forces, rotation, and others to create a paper roller coaster that can carry a marble for the longest period of time without stopping. Students who are absent on the day of final testing (June 1st and 2nd) without a doctors note will have points deducted.

    1. The model should be designed for a glass marble. When released from the top of the first hill, the marble will travel through the entire ride and arrive at the bottom loading platform. (For this project, the marble will be raised by hand to the top of the first hill to start the “ride”.)
    2. Your team may use more than one marble.
    3. Magnets, electricity, springs, and other forms of energy may not be used ­ this is a “gravity ride” only.
    4. No one is permitted to touch the coaster once the ride begins.
    5. There needs to be a clear “end” to your ride.
    6. You will have only three chances. Your longest time will be the one you get graded on.

    The rubric and help hints are posted below: