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    LCPS Bullying Prevention and Education Policy: HERE

    Bullying Prevention Coordinators for Algonkian:

    Administrators  Brian Blubaugh, Karen Shields
    School Counselors Theresa Ryan, Madison Elsbernd


    Loudoun County Public Schools implements a county-wide bullying prevention program to teach students how to identify bullying behavior and appropriate ways to handle bullying.  
    Second Step Bullying Prevention Program is implemented school wide.  Administration & Counselors will provide staff development.  Counselors will provide class counseling lessons, group, and individual counseling.  All staff will provide instruction, reinforcement, and support.    
      Recognize Report Refuse
    Every LCPS student is taught how to respond to bullying behavior using the Second Step Bullying prevention Program.  

    *PARENTS: If you feel your child is dealing with bullying behaviors, please call Algonkian at 571-434-3240 and ask to speak to an administrator. 
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