The School Board adopted Policy 8250Bullying Prevention and Education, on Tuesday, December 3rd.  The new policy replaces former Policy 8-41.

    Below are some highlights within this new policy:

    1. Cyberbullying has been included in policy 8250 and both the definitions of bullying and cyberbullying are defined in section A. The definition also identifies what Bullying does not include (ordinary teasing, horseplay, arguments, or peer conflict).
    2. Bullying characteristics have been clearly defined and may be both direct or indirect.  Section 5 also includes a section on bullying behaviors that target “actual or perceived personal characteristics including race, color, national origin, religion, sex…..sexual orientation, gender identity…socioeconomic status, etc.) – please read this section as it is new and your team should be aware of the context.
    3. Policy 8250 section C states that “staff members shall take steps to prevent bullying and attempt to take developmentally appropriate steps to intervene with bullying.”  This section also states that the principal, or designee, will investigate allegations.
    4. Under section D, “principals, or their designees, shall attempt to promptly report any allegations of bullying, by or against a child, to the parent/guardian.”  Policy 8250 also requires school the principal, or designee, to report to the parent information regarding any investigation of an allegation or incident within 5 days, or sooner.
    5. The policy provides an overview on Bullying prevention and education.  Each school must have a designated bullying prevention coordinator to oversee the implementation of the division-wide bullying program. 

    The full Policy 8250 can be viewed here.

    Bullying Prevention Coordinator for Sycolin Creek -Assistant Principal, Courntey Jones
Last Modified on December 12, 2019