• Special Residency Situations


    Registration must occur in the school which serves the address of the student. Individuals needing to know which attendance zone serves an address should contact the LCPS Planning Department at 571-252-1050, or use the Attendance Boundary E-Listing (LABEL).

    For a student or family that is residing with another family as a result of homelessness, economic hardship or is experiencing a crisis which is affecting a change in their living situation, special provisions may apply. Questions about this should be directed to the McKinney-Vento Specialist at 571-252-6523. You can complete the McKinney-Vento application online.


    If you are moving from one Loudoun County school to another, take the completed Change of Address (Spanish) form and your new "proof of residency" (current lease, settlement documents, notarized shared housing) to the new school to register. The schools will coordinate transferring the student records.


    To request Special Permission to attend a school outside the attendance zone, the parent/guardian must apply online or through the Department of Pupil Services at 571-252-1021. Special Permission may be granted based on space availability between April 1-June 30. A request for a RENEWAL of a special permission to an over-enrolled middle or high school level must be submitted by April 30.  Renewal applications, for over-enrolled schools, received after April 30 will go through the regular special permission process.

    There are special provisions for families that move-in/out during the school year. Contact the Department of Pupil Services at 571-252-1021.


    A signed, active lease, signed deed, signed settlement papers, recent mortgage statement, notarized shared housing or deed of trust showing occupancy prior to enrollment must be provided at registration. If you are residing in Loudoun County but are unable to produce these items, please contact Registration Services at registrationservices@lcps.org or 571-252-2490  

    If you do not have proof of Loudoun County residency, the parent/guardian may request to enroll as a tuition-paying student. For further information on tuition status, contact the Pupil Services Coordinator at 571-252-1021 or review the information found on the Tuition pages at https://www.lcps.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=1063.

Last Modified on January 10, 2024