• What current and former students have to say about E9: 

         “Everyday English 9 is a very fun class.  There’s a lot of reading, but I started out hating reading.  Now I love it.  For the 8th graders I’d say it’s worth it.  When my mom told me about E9, I was like, Heck, no!  It kind of made me mad because I didn’t want to give up an elective, and I’d passed my SOL’s.  I was confused as to why I was chosen.  I was an A-B English student. 

         Now that we’ve been in the class a while, it’s just awesome.  Great and fun teachers, and we have parties.  It’s helped a lot with my writing and reading skills.  I have some of my friends in this class, which makes it 100% better.  The grade in this class counts two times, so if you get one A, it’s really like two A’s, which actually helps so much towards your GPA.  High school really is difficult and the E9 class really helps with my English skills and knowledge.  I learn a ton of new words, which is cool.”

                                                                                                    --Sean Monahan, former E9 student


    Everday Nine was a surprisingly good experience. I fought my mother the whole way. But on the first day of school freshman year Mrs. Clerkin saved me from getting lost in the huge daunting hallways. Even though because our year was the first it was rough due to the loss of our beloved teacher Mr.Devine.  I actually had to say I had some fun. Before I steped into Briar Woods High School I hated reading with a burning passion like I would rather eat a bowl of carrots and I despise carrots.  But because of the kind  knowallage of different books and the time spent with Mrs.Clerkin I found a passion for reading. Yes I know deep within I never ……….EVER…… thought  I would  ever utter those words.  Looking back on the whole experience I think I was a really great dision made by my mother. From reading to wrting to parties. There was no place like Mrs.Clerkins room that made you feel more comfterble to be yourself,it was like my second home. She inspired me to want to learn and  to enjoy it shocking enough. Mrs.Clerkin is a teacher but she is soo good at what she does it is she treats you as her equal rather than her yelling at you and demanding her power over you like most teachers.  She is a rare blessing that I recived one the first day of my high school education. Now I am in her room everyday and I love how she lights up a room there is no one more wise,caring and hilarious than Mrs.Clerkin. would I recommend Everyday nine yes definatly even if it sounds like you are going to lose your freedom or your friends will make fun  of you let me be  completely honest.  That’s not true you will have more fun than you had all of middle school and your friends might even be jealous anyway enough said from me. Let your curiosity and desire fuel you to try something new I dare you. 

                                                                                              -Emily Ermelini, former E9 student 
     What parents are saying about Everyday 9: 
     My son and his parents all had reservations about the class, but time does not permit me to explain why.  There is some history involved.  All those reservations were dispelled, and we are all so pleased with the outcomes.  We would urge all students to take advantage of the unique opportunities this class presents, and wish there were similar arrangements for such a class throughout the remainder of high school. - Joel Custer