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Did you know?

  • School buses are nearly 2,000 times safer than the family car.


  • Did you know that every nationwide, every school day, approximately 450,000 yellow school buses transport more than 24 million children to and from schools and school-related activities? The number of students who ride a school bus is equivalent to the combined populations of Florida, Massachusetts and Oregon.


  • School bus drivers are an integral part of the safe transportation of school children. While the structure of the school bus provides excellent protection in the event of a crash, it is the skill and performance of the highly trained, professional school bus driver that often prevents crashes.


  • Every driver must pre-trip (inspect) their bus BEFORE transporting students.


  • LCPS has 820 school buses.


  • LCPS has 532 school bus routes.


  • Due to extensive qualification requirements, only about 1/3 of those who apply to become school bus drivers are accepted.


  • School buses are inspected and serviced every 45 days.


  • Virginia Department of Education requires emergency exit drills shall be practiced by all pupil riders at least twice a year, the first occurring during the first 30 instructional days and the second in the second semester and shall include the school bus driver.


  • School bus drivers are required to attend two safety in-service meetings each school year. 


  • School bus drivers are subjected to random drug and alcohol screening in accordance with Federal guidelines. 


  • All communications regarding school bus issues should be directed to the Transportation Office 571-252-1700 (please provide bus number and location).


  • Students are required to be at their assigned bus stop 5 minutes prior to the schedule pick-up time.


  • To ensure safety of all everyone, students are prohibited from changing school bus assignment without prior approval.


  • All students must have a note signed by both the parent and school administration to ride a bus other than their assigned bus.


  • Sports equipment, large poster boards, large musical instruments such as cellos, etc are not allowed on the bus.  If your student has to take any of these items to school, please make other transportation arrangements.


  • Parents or guardians should not stop, delay or board the bus when the driver is transporting students to or from school.


  • It's all in the seats. Bus seats are designed with high padded backs and seats, padded rails and stanchions.  In addition, the seats are a specific distance apart for optimal safety. Plus, they are designed for a certain rate of collapse in case of a crash. Even the size of the windows has all been taken into consideration. These are designed to protect you from being ejected through one if the bus were ever in an accident. (Science for Kids, 2015)



        Last Modified on March 9, 2017

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