• LCPS Transportation Frequently Asked Questions



    Who do I have to notify that my child will not ride the bus if they are sick?

    It is not a requirement to notify Transportation for regular school bus riders. However, parents of Special Needs students can call Transportation Dispatch at 571-252-1700 if their student does not ride the bus.

    Why is my bus late?

    While we make every effort to have your bus on time, events beyond our control can and do occur. Heavy morning traffic and adverse weather conditions are the most common problems.

    My child missed the bus, what do I need to do?

    If a school bus is running on time and a student rider misses the bus, parents should make other transportation arrangements. 

    What should a parent/guardian do if a student that is assigned to ride a school bus does not arrive home within a reasonable time after the appointed bus stop drop off time, or is not on the bus when it arrives at the bus stop?

    The parent/guardian should first contact the school the student is assigned to and inquire if the bus is running late or if for some reason the student missed getting on the bus prior to departure from the school. If the parent/guardian is unable to make contact with the school or the school has already closed for the day, the parent/guardian should contact the Transportation Dispatch Office at 571-252-1700 for information.

    Can my child ride home with another student?

    With proper approval from Schools Administrators and Transportation.  Appropriate documentation may be requested.  

    What process should a parent/guardian use if they have a concern regarding their child's school bus transportation, i.e. bus stop assignment, inconsistent schedule of bus arrival at the assigned bus stop, discipline at the bus stop or on the bus, etc?

    Parent/guardian concerns regarding student transportation should be directed to either the student's designated school or the appropriate Transportation Area Supervisor.  (Please see Transportation Contacts for the Area Supervisor assigned to your student’s school.)

    Is there a registration process for school bus transportation?

    Upon registration at schools, parents are provided general transportation information. 

    What is the procedure for getting transportation for a Special Needs student?

    All special needs transportation forms are completed and submitted electronically by the school and forwarded to transportation.

    How is the distance between a school and the student's residence measured to determine student eligibility for transportation?

    Walk route distances for elementary students are established as 1.0 mile and 1.25 miles for middle and high. Distances are measured from school front door to student’s property. 

    I know my home is too close to the school to be legally eligible, but I feel it is hazardous for my children to walk each day. What can I do?

    Student safety is ultimately the responsibility of the student’s parent(s)/legal guardian when students are en route to and from school and/or bus stops.  Parents have the responsibility of selecting their children’s walk routes to and from bus stops, schools, and home.  Parents are also responsible for providing supervision that is appropriate for the student’s age, maturity and conditions of the chosen route.

    Ridership eligibility and walk route distance decisions of the school division may be appealed, in writing, to the Superintendent, or his/her designee, within thirty (30) calendar days of notification of their establishment. 

    I am a taxpayer in the district, why is my son/daughter not eligible to receive transportation?

    Eligible Riders.  Transportation services shall be provided for elementary students living more than one (1.0) mile and middle and high school students living more than one and one-quarter (1.25) miles from the front door of their regular schools of assignment. Elementary students eligible for transportation may be required to walk up to one (1.0) mile to reach a bus stop. Middle and high school students eligible for transportation may be required to walk up to one and one-quarter (1.25) miles to a bus stop.

    What if I registered my student for school and do not receive school bus transportation information, who do I call?

    You can call your student's school or the Transportation Department.

    My student lives with me 3 days a week and my ex-spouse 2 days a week. This will require my student to have fluctuating schedules, is this allowed?

    Students will not be permitted to have "fluctuating schedules". This means that students will not be permitted to have certain days of the week on which to pick-up or drop-off at one location, and then another location the rest of the week. Fluctuating schedules introduce too much of a risk for safety to the student.

    Who should I contact for transportation information regarding my Pre-K student?

    Please contact the student's respective school for transportation information.

    What are the behavior expectations on the school bus?

    Behavioral expectations on the school bus are much like those in the classroom. Then, factor in the mobility of that "classroom" and traffic, added noise and the size of the "classroom" and you have a potential catastrophe if there are not clear expectations and enforcement. The behavioral expectations on the bus revolve around the individual rights of every person on the bus, including the driver and the collective rights of students and driver as it pertains to SAFETY. Anything that jeopardizes the safety of individuals on the bus is viewed as serious.

    Most drivers have Bus rules or Expectations posted on the bus. When there is an infraction, a referral is turned into the school administrators, who are responsible for contacting the student and parent to solve the lack of compliance with bus expectations. The school administrator is solely responsible for consequences based on the incident as described by the driver and student. All buses have video cameras, which are used to verify incidents. Our goal is never to deny any student transportation to and from school, but we must maintain safety for all students.

    My child left an item on the bus, how can I get it back?

    Drivers are required to check buses at the completion of each run.  Drivers are asked to secured any items left on a bus until the next morning.  If the student does not ride in the morning, the driver will turn the item into the respective school’s front office. 

Last Modified on March 9, 2017