• Welcome to the Transition Department

    My name is Jackie Garbe and I am the Transition Teacher at Woodgrove High School.  LCPS has Transition Teachers at each high school to assist students with disabilities in their transition to post-secondary life.

    This year I will be teaching an Education for Employment class with an emphasis on transition and life skills development.  I will be working in the community to develop business partnerships that will enable us to provide students with work experience.  

    My priority this year will be assisting students in their final year of high school with making linkages with adult service agencies, colleges, post-secondary employment and/or training opportunities. 

    Some things I can assist with include:

      • Assist students with understanding, researching and applying for accommodations at the college level
      • Inform students and parents of adult agencies such as; Department of Aging and Rehabilitative services –DARS, Mental Health Substance Abuse Developmental Services – MHSADS
      • Assist students with applications to LCPS programs for students age 18-22; Community and School Together (CAST), Project Search at the National Conference Center
      • Help students to research other post-secondary options like military, apprenticeships, Job Corps,WIOA and ECHO 

      If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. For additional resources, please visit the Transition section under academics on Woodgrove’s website and view our Handbook on Transition Services for Students and Families which can be found on the LCPS website.

    The Schoology Group for Parents.  Join Code- 6DC8-4X4D-4J8JH

    LCPS Career and Transition Web Page - https://www.lcps.org/Page/226153

    I look forward to getting to know your child.

    Thank You,

    Jackie Garbe 

    Transition Teacher