FORENSICS: The Forensics Team is a VHSL competition activity in the art of public speaking.
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    If you enjoy dramatic reading then the Forensics Team is for you. This is not a club but an official VHSL academic team that competes in a variety of speech and dramatic reading events around the state, including storytelling, poetry/prose interpretation, impromptu/extemporaneous speaking, and original oratory. Forensics fuels creative energy, sharpens minds, and increases confidence. Plus, it’s fun! Participating in this activity can benefit anyone’s future but is especially popular among students interested in law, politics, business, education, theater, marketing, ministry, and/or communications. 



    • Storytelling- For this event, you will dramatically tell a children's story you have memorized to an imaginary audience of children.
    • Prose Interpretation-In Prose, you will read a selection from a fiction or nonfiction piece.
    • Poetry Interpretation- In Poetry, you will read a collection of poems revolving around one theme or poet.
    • Dramatic Interpretation (2 separate events: serious and humorous)- You will present a memorized prose piece. In contrast to Prose Interpretation which is more narrator driven, DI is more character driven. In order to differentiate among characters, you must change your posture, focal points, and voice inflections.
    • Duo Interpretation (2 separate events: serious and humorous)– These are the only events in which two people perform together. The two of you will present a memorized piece from a published work in which each person plays one or more characters.
    • Extemporaneous Speaking - In this event, on the day of competition, you will choose three random questions about current events (politics, economics, energy, environment, etc.) You will then have thirty minutes to prepare a short persuasive speech (no longer than 7 minutes). In that 30" prep time, you are expected to use your own outside printed sources to support your argument.
    • Impromptu Speaking- In this speech event, you are given three topics and asked to choose one. The topics will include proverbs, ordinary objects, events, quotations, and famous people. As soon as you've chosen your topic, you will prepare a speech. The maximum time for preparation and speaking combined is 7 minutes.
    • Original Oratory- In this event, you deliver a speech you wrote prior to the competition on any topic of your choice.

    Competitions: There are two types of competitions we go to: VHSL meets and invitational meets.  VHSL meets are the official Virginia High School League competitions: district, regional, and state. These three meets are the main things we work toward through the year. Invitationals are the meets we go to for fun and experience.

    Lettering and Awards: Forensic Speech is an official Virginia High School League team activity. As a result, participants who excel have the chance to earn a high school letter. You also compete for medals, trophies, and bragging rights at the meets we attend.

    National Forensic League:  Our team is a member in the National Forensic League, a national honor society that promotes public speaking and leadership.  You also have the opportunity to join this organization as an individual, making you eligible for various awards, special tournaments, and scholarship opportunities.


    Preseason: September through November - This is a time for you to get to know your team informally and to get a head start on event selection. We'll also have some sort of social every month just for the fun of it.  This preseason time is also an excellent opportunity to try out different events and selections to see which one fits you best. There are also several invitational meets from November to February. Being ready for those meets requires you to choose and work on an event as soon as possible.

    Official Team Season: November through March-- We expect you to come to at least one practice a week. I'm available just about every day up to 4:30.  Practices involve about 20 minute one-on-one work with your coach or other team mates. Additional practices can be scheduled as needed. Our official season culminates with our Virginia High School League tournaments (district, regional, state) which begin in February. I will post the dates for meets as soon as I learn of them.

    VHSL Tournament Dates 2014-2015