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    Crisis Intervention: https://www.lcps.org/Page/220716


    Mental Health and Wellness: https://www.lcps.org/Page/227814



    Self-Injury Brochure/Auto Lastimarse Folleto 


    Cameron's Collection

    Gale, Cengage Learning’s has curated of a collection of resources for teens who are battling with anxiety and depression- and provides targeted resources of guidance for students, teachers, and counselors- letting our students know that they are never, ever alone. Teens will have the comfort of utilizing such support resources in the safe and private avenue of The Gale Virtual Reference Library via their own private device.  

    Parents and students are invited to access Cameron's Collection.  

    Please explore www.CKGfoundation.org to learn more about Cameron’s story- and how one teenager is helping to change the world.  Gale is "Speaking UP" for our teens battling with Depression and Anxiety- and will be donating to the foundation for every collection implemented into our schools.

     How to access the Cameron Collection:

     Log in to LCPS Go:

    • Click on Library Resources
    • Click on Gale
    • Click on Cameron's Collection 





Last Modified on February 3, 2021