• Mr. Fogelson's Class Rules


    Department Grading Policis



    Be Trustworthy

    Arrive to every class on time

    Complete and submit your own, authentic work – never plagiarize or cheat

    Be Respectful

    Be respectful of others and their belongings

    Complete all assignments and study for quizzes and tests

    Be United

    Learn from your successes and failures, and help your peers do the same

    Contribute your fair share when working in groups

    Be Excellent

    Participate in every class, ask questions, and stay organized

    Attempt all activities with an honest effort


    Cell Phones & Electronic Devices 

    Cell phones and electronic devices are not allowed during instructional time unless they are used for and assignment or project.     


    Class attendance

    School attendance and tardiness policies are strictly enforced


    Grading System

    Each quarter grade will be calculated using Total Points Earned ÷ Total Points Available.  Grades will be posted to Phoenix as often as possible.  The school codes of “X” (exempt) and “Z” (needs to make up but calculated as a zero) will be used. Retake policy will be discussed in each class.



     The purpose of homework is to provide practice not points.  There will be projects through the year.  All projects are due as assigned with significant penalties for being late.


    Make-Up Work

    You are responsible for getting makeup work (notes, homework, quizzes and tests) from me the first day you return to class after being absent.  


    Math Resource Center

    Briar Woods High School has a designated math resource center that you can access during your study hall block.  You may request a pass to the math resource center from me any time you would like additional help.  I will also recommend that you attend the math resource center any time I feel you would benefit from additional help with a particular concept, especially for remediation prior to SOLs.  Please note that you must have a pass to attend the resource center.