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    Each LCPS Middle School  has a Unified Mental Health Team (UMHT). This team is comprised of school-based and community-based mental health professionals whose purpose is to better meet the emotional needs of our students. Your Harper Park UMHT is comprised of:

    HPMS School Counselors:

    Ashley Harper - Lead counselor and counselor for special education

    Rawan Tringali - 8th grade general education counselor

    Anna Hitrik - 7th grade general education counselor

    Jude Misik - 6th grade general education counselor

    School Psychologist - Beth Weatherford

    School Social Worker - Ashley Olson

    Administrators - David Friend, Assistant Principal

    Student Assistance Specialist - Helen Hoover

    School Nurse - Jeremy Hicks

    School Resource Officer - Mercy Andrade, LPD


    Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @ HPMS_UMHT

    What is your UMHT working on this year?

    We meet monthly as a team to discuss programs and initiatives that can support students' mental wellness.  Here are some things we already have going:

    -Monthly newsletter to be shared with parents and staff, and posted to our site for students to access.  Each newsletter will have helpful tips and/or articles on different topics related to mental health and wellness.

    -We have created a UMHT Twitter and an Instagram account so we can share positive links and helpful information. Please follow us @HPMS_UMHT

    -We will be asking students to give us feedback on how things are going, what they need, and how we can better meet their mental health needs.

    -We will continue with our Sources of Strength program this year, which is a suicide prevention program which emphasizes kids positive sources they can draw upon in times of need.

    We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please email: Ashley.Harper@lcps.org

    Online Resource Supporting Teen Mental Health & Wellness


    Cameron's Collection Supporting Teen Mental Health & Wellness

    Gale, Cengage Learning's compassion and awareness of the imperative and dire need for providing solutions that will support our students mental health and wellness has given birth to the curation of a collection of resources for teens who are battling with anxiety and depression-and provides targeted resources of guidance for students, teachers, and counselors-letting our students know that they are never, ever alone.  Teens will have the comfort of utilizing such support resources in the safe and private avenue of The Gale Virtual Reference Library via their own private device.

    Please explore http://www.ckgfoundation.org/  to learn more about Cameron's story and how one teenager is helping to change the world.  Gale is 'Speaking UP" for our teens battling with depression and anxiety and will be donating to the foundation for every collection implemented into our schools.

    How to access the Cameron Collection:

    You can access these ebooks from your Gale pages (Gale link on LCPSgo) in three ways:

    1-As a separate link to the Cameron Collection from your Popular Middle School Resources Page

    2-As part of different collections in your GVRL

    3-By clicking on ebooks tab at the top of your Gale pages

    Please visit the following link for more information regarding LCPS Student Mental Health Services