• Rising 8th grade course selection information


    February 8 - March 1, 2024--Students will make selections for ELECTIVE courses only on StudentVUE. Mr. Misik and Mrs. Harper visited Resource/Spectrum classes on February 12, 2024, and showed students how to make selections and where they could find detailed information about each elective.

    Parents/guardians will also receive information via email and are encouraged to sit with their student while they make their elective selections in StudentVUE. Students and parents/guardians will be able to change or edit ELECTIVE courses via ParentVUE or StudentVUE until March 1, 2024. After this date, any change will need to be made through Mr. Misik or Mrs. Harper up until April 30, 2024.

    **New for 2024 Course Selections** This year the HPMS Administration has issued the date of April 30, 2024, as the last day to request any course changes for the 2024-2025 school year. If there is a course you are unsure about, please reach out to teachers and/or counselor to get information and request the change BEFORE April 30, 2024. 

    Teacher Recommendations--Students and parents will be able to view teacher recommendations for core classes (Math, Science, English, Civics) in Parent/StudentVUE. If a student is currently taking a World Language course, a recommendation will also be made to advance or repeat the class. English, Science, and Civics will continue at the Honors (H designation) level. Instruction is designed for mastery of content and materials are differentiated as needed through personalized learning. Math recommendations follow the math progression options.

    Informational Opportunities

    Video of Rising 7th and 8th Grade Course Selection Parent Coffee

    Slides from Rising 7th and 8th Grade Course Selection Parent Coffee

    All Rising 8th grade students will attend an Electives Fair during the school day on February 22, 2024.

    Here are step-by-step course selection instructions and elective options; and a tutorial video explaining how to select courses in StudentVUE with step-by-step instructions.

    Read about all courses offered in LCPS middle and high schools in the Program of Studies 2024-2025

    Elective Options

    Click on the name of each elective below to see videos created by Harper Park teachers.

    STUDENTS WILL SELECT TWO ELECTIVES. A world language counts as one of the two electives. If you click on the underlined links, you will see a video description of that course. You can view one long video of all the choices put together at the bottom of the list.

    Band 8 - Prerequisites: Must have taken Band 6 and 7 or have had two years of relevant instrument experience.

    Strings 8 - Prerequisites: Must have taken Strings 6 and 7 or have had two years of relevant instrument experience. 

    Guitar 8 -  Any 8th grader can select this course. Typically both Level 1 and Level 2 Guitar 8 students are in the same class. 

    Art 8 - Open to all 8th grade students. Projects/units will be different from in Art 6 and Art 7.

    Chorus 8 - Open to all 8th grade students. Chorus 8 is a performance-oriented class. Sight singing skills are stressed, as well as an emphasis on proper vocal techniques. Students will develop choral literacy by singing literature that is sacred and secular. Students are required to participate in concerts, festivals, and rehearsals held outside school hours.

    Tech Ed 8 - Open to all 8th graders. Tech Ed 8 is a comprehensive class using a multimedia and modular technology education approach. Students will experiment, design, invent, create, build, test and analyze while exploring different technological areas. This course helps students understand how knowledge, tools and resources work in technological systems and benefit society.

    FACS 8 - Open to all 8th graders. Through problem-solving, students learn to critically examine concerns, seek solutions and solve problems in caring ways while improving self-identity, sharpening communication and social skills, increasing academic achievement, managing resources, and becoming oriented to the world of work. Students will have the opportunity to explore concepts and practice skills related to personal and interpersonal development, nutrition, sewing tools and clothing construction, entrepreneurship, and child care.

    Intro to Computer Science - This course is the first standalone computer science course in the LCPS Program of Studies. Students will primarily utilize block-based programming to develop projects in order to think creatively, communicate clearly, use technologies fluently, and collaborate effectively. Students will study the history of computers and computer science, with a focus on the impact of Virginians, in addition to building additional programming skills within the framework of computer science principles. Students will explore and create computer programs, facilitate reasoning and problem-solving, and verify solutions with computer science tools that facilitate design, analysis, and implementation of computer programs. Check out this Information Sheet.

    Computer Science Foundations - Provides students with an introduction to text-based programming with the goal of familiarizing students with developing and executing computer programs. Students will be introduced to several text-based programming languages with an emphasis on computer programming within the context of broader concepts of computer science. Languages include but are not limited to HTML, Python, JavaScript, and Java. Check out this Information Sheet.

    This VIDEO shows current Computer Science students talking about what they enjoy about the Computer Science classes.

    This VIDEO explains the difference between Intro to Computer Science and Computer Science Foundations, which should help you decide which one is right for you.

    *Technology of Robotic Design - High school level/credit course. Students engage in the study of computers and microprocessors and their applications to manufacturing, transportation, and communication systems. Topics include computer equipment and operation systems, robotics, programming, control systems and the social/cultural impact of these technologies. Limited space. Will select through a lottery. Alternate selection will be required.

    Exploratory Dramatics - Introduction to the study of performance, theater history, dramatic literature, and theatrical production. There is limited space and we may have to select students by a lottery.  Alternate selection will be required. Any 8th grader can request to take this course.

    World Languages:

    *French 1 or 2

    *German 1 or 2

    *Spanish 1 or 2

    *Spanish for Fluent Speakers 1 This course requires an assessment by our Spanish teachers. Please contact Mr. Misik or Mrs. Harper with questions. If you are interested in being assessed to take Spanish for Fluent Speakers next year, please fill out this FORM

    Latin will not be offered at Harper Park for the 2023-2024 School Year.


    Technology of Robotic Design, French, German, Latin and Spanish are all high school credit-bearing courses, meaning the grades and credits earned in these courses will remain on the student's high school transcript and are factored into their high school GPA (Grade Point Average). Any 8th grader may sign up for Level 1 of any of the four languages, and those who have already completed Level 1 may sign up for Level 2 in that language. Teacher recommendations will be posted for students currently taking level 1 courses.