• What will BYOT look like at Hillside?

    BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) is an LCPS county-wide initiative that allows students to bring devices from home to use in their classroom for learning. In preparation for this initiative, Hillside has become a "Common Sense Media Certified" school and our students continue to learn about topics such as Internet safety, Internet privacy and Cyber-Bullying. Resources to help parents talk about these important topics are also posted HERE! The BYOT classroom is safe, fun and looks different from grade to grade and class to class. Your child's teacher determines how and when student devices are the best tool for learning. 
    What is the purpose of this initiative?     

    Loudoun County Public Schools embraces the importance of technology in the educational lives of students. Access to technologies enables instant access to a wealth of information, references and collaborative resources on the web. These resources can support the learning activities that are a part of daily classroom instruction. BYOT also supports the One to the World instructional initiative as it provides students with the connectivity to the tools and information they need, connects students with a global audience, and connects students to those with whom they can collaborate. 


    What devices can access the LCPS wireless network?  
    Students may use any privately owned electronic "Internet-ready" device, including, but not limited to, laptops, netbooks, tablets, cell phones (not recommended for Elementary) and e-readers. Each BYOT device should have wireless A, G, or N capabilities. Wireless B devices are not supported for Wi-Fi network connectivity. Devices will connect to the LCPS-Open wifi network that provides content filtering. Students will not be permitted to use a private data plan at school.

    Is there a specific device that is recommended? 

    Although all devices are allowed according to the above criteria, students who are looking to purchase a device may want to consider devices that  can work with a keyboard such as laptops, tablets, iPads, or Chromebooks. 

    What accessories may be recommended for use with the device?  

    • Headset/earbuds (labeled and in a ziplock bag)

    • Protective case or cover 

    • Anti-virus software (highly recommended) 

    • Students will not be required to add any apps or software applications to his/her device to accommodate classroom use of the device, however, a teacher may suggest free apps for student use. Students will have access to division-provided web services; e.g. VISION, LCPSGO and a cloud-based productivity platform (O365 or Google Classroom) via the internet.

    • Who will provide technical support?  

    No division IT or instructional staff will provide technical support or troubleshooting for personal devices that malfunction or will not connect to the wireless network. Students and staff members should have a thorough understanding of their own devices and how they operate.  

    What training/information will be provided for teachers and students?  
    Schools participating in BYOT will implement the nationally-recognized Digital Citizenship curriculum available through Common Sense Media. Participating schools will earn Digital Citizenship Certification as a result of implementation of the Common Sense curriculum. Educational technology staff will provide training to teachers on acceptable and appropriate use and sample instructional best practices. Teachers will provide expectations to students on acceptable and appropriate use of the devices for classroom learning.

    How will safety and security of the devices be provided?  

    Students are ultimately responsible for the security of their personal device. No portable device should ever be left unattended! When not in use, the device should be with the student or in a secured location. Unattended devices will be turned in to school administration. 
    LCPS is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of any personal electronic device. Any loss, theft or damage is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. Property insurance and a secure password for the device is encouraged!
    Please be advised that: No unauthorized image, audio or video recording will be permitted. Specific permission will be granted by teachers for recording as needed to accomplish specific instructional activities. Use of devices in restricted areas (cafeteria, bathrooms, playground, etc) is posted and prohibited. 

    What Internet security will be provided?   
    The Loudoun County School Division will take precautions to restrict access to undesirable or inappropriate materials using firewalls and filtering applications on LCPS wireless networks. All LCPS teachers and support staff will monitor user activity in schools and will pursue appropriate disciplinary actions as appropriate for any violations (per AUP of LCPS)
    What happens if a student cannot bring a personal mobile device to class? 
    Instructional staff will ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate in any instructional activity that includes technology through careful planning and delivery of lessons. Students will be able to use division-owned technology in lieu of personal devices as needed. Devices that are available for student use at Hillside are networked desktops, wireless laptops, Chromebooks and iPads.


    Will students be able to print from their personally owned devices? 


    How will students charge personally owned devices during the day?  

    Charging stations are not available at this time. Students should bring a fully charged device to school.  


    What policies will govern the BYOT initiative?  
    All rules and regulations set forth in School Board policy, the AUP, BYOT Parent/Student Agreement, Student Handbook and Code of Conduct and applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations will be enforced.