• Welcome delegates!  We are looking forward to hosting you!
    We want to make the most of your time in Loudoun County and for us to learn as much as possible from each other.  For this reason, we are asking you to prepare some things prior to the summit.
    You will find details regarding the summit preparations in this document, which outlines the five basic things we'd like you to prepare:
    1.  briefing papers (this document gives specific guidance for this component)  Submit by March 6th
    2.  cultural display
    3.  country information sheet (see this USA fact sheet as an example).  Submit by March 6th
    4.  action plan consideration-- utilize may utilize the resources at Peace First Challenge to help you choose the issue you'd like to address
    5.  cultural component (this will vary by hosting school)
    Each hosting school may also have additional items they would like you to prepare for specific school-based activities.