• Social Science Teachers
    These are the Heritage Social Science teachers and the classes they teach. Please visit the Vision pages of the teachers by clicking on their name for information about homework, assignments, course information and contact information.  

    Hummer, Steven. Email: steven.hummer@lcps.org

    US Government, World History 1, Psychology

    Elizabeth Glynn Email: elizabeth.glynn@lcps.org
    AP US History, US History Dual Enrollment, US History Academic

    Ryan Irwin Email: ryan.irwin@lcps.org
    AP World History, AP Economics, Semester Economics


     Knapp, Jacquelyn Email: jacquelyn.knapp@lcps.org

     AP US/Comparative Government , AP Geography, Dual Enrollment Government


    Krepinevich, Michael Email: michael.krepinevich@lcps.org

    World History 2, Economics



    Lee, Cathy Email: cathy.lee@lcps.org

    AP Psychology

     Schlegel, Andrea Email: andrea.schlegel@lcps.org

     International Relations, US History, World Religions


    Segerdahl, Richard Email: richard.segerdahl@lcps.org

    AP World History, Dual Enrollment US History, World History 2, Department Chair

    Chris Pasternak: chris.pasternack@lcps.org
    US History, Dual Enrollment US History, US Government
    Thomas Orrell Email: thomas.orrell@lcps.org
    World History 2, AP World History
    Nolan Potts Email: nolan.potts@lcps.org
    Pre- AP WH1, World History I Academic
    Nancy Merriman Email: nancy.merriman@lcps.org
    Government, World History I Academic
    Holly Horton Email: holly.horton@lcps.org
    Pre-AP WH1, World History I Academic 
    Daniel Breslauer: email: edward.breslauer@lcps.org