Social Science Department 2021-22

    The Social Science Department at Heritage High School has 13 teachers delivering instruction to students ranging from grades 9 through 12. We insure our school remains accredited by offering all the mandatory SOL courses required by the state of Virginia. Furthermore, our department leads the way in Advancement Placement courses. Currently we offer an AP or Pre-AP course for each grade level. We have recently begun offering Dual Enrollment classes. Our partnership with NOVA enables students to take college courses at Heritage High School. US History Dual Enrollment is now in its fourth year. We are excited to announce that Government Dual Enrollment for seniors will be offered for the first time this year. Finally, the Social Science department is proud to offer a variety of elective courses that help to promote critical thinking and a greater appreciation for the humanities. The Social Science Department provides for a variety of services to help all of our students. We work closely with ELL teachers and the Learning Specialists in forming team teaching arrangements so that we can meet the needs of all learners. Social Science teachers are available for tutorial services throughout the year, helping students with their course work. Our department helps to facilitate connections between our students and the immediate community. Every year we send students to such events as the Youth in Government Day and participate in field trips intended to make the Social Sciences come alive for our students. 


    Social Science Course Descriptions