• It is my intention to keep up with grading to the best of my ability, but please have reasonable expectations.

    My grades are not weighted, with the exception of homework, which will never count for more than 10% of a student's grade. Grades are calculated via a points system, with bigger writing assignments, projects and assessments worth more than daily classwork and smaller assignments.  

     Here are the codes I use when updating the grade book, particularly if you have missing work:

    Z             Zero. You did not turn in the assignment when it was due but it may be made up. This is the case for work not turned in due to absences.

    T             Turned in. This is work that was turned in but has not been graded yet. Please do not expect late work given a “T” to be graded first thing, if work is late it goes to the bottom of the current, on-time grading pile.

    X             Exempt. This is the case for work that you missed and/or are not expected to make up. This is only for a very small amount of specific circumstances, usually serious, chronic illness, etc.

    0             Work given a “0” in the grade book may not be made up. This is the case for homework not turned in on time or any other class work that was not turned in.

    *I will also use comments when needed to explain the use for the code given.

Last Modified on January 13, 2017