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    **NEW COURSE!**
    The biology department is pleased to announce that we will be offering a 
    Dual Enrollment/AP Biology course for the 2017-2018 school year.
    Heritage High School has partnered with NOVA  to offer this course,
    which upon successful completion grants the student 8 college credits.
     Biology Course Offerings at Heritage High School

    Academic Biology

    Research Biology

    Dual Enrollment/AP Biology


    ·  None

    ·   None

    · Biology (research or Academic) with a passing SOL score

    · Chemistry (research or Academic)


    · Satisfies one science requirement for graduation

    · SOL course

    · Satisfies one science requirement for graduation

    · SOL course

    ·  Satisfies one science requirement for graduation

    · 8 College Credits from NOVA


    · Covers all general Biology content

    · Less writing/full lab reports than Research

    ·   Covers all general Biology content; more in depth than Academic

    ·  Pace is faster than Academic

    ·  Heavy research component with a mandatory symposium project

    · Extension of General Biology

    · Increase in depth and breadth of knowledge

    ·  Rigorous pace

    ·  Frequent full lab reports required


    ·  No bump

    ·  0.5 bump

    ·  1.0 bump

    Students who should take this class are…

    ·  Non-STEM majors

    ·  Benefit from a slower pace

    ·  Not strong in writing/ research

    ·  Strong in writing

    ·  Interested in research

    ·  Possible STEM majors

    · Plan to major in STEM.

    · Non-STEM majors who wants to earn college credit & satisfy first year science.

    Biology Staff  
    Click on a name below to be directed to that teachers webpage.
        Mrs. Bland                           Mrs. Gough                        Ms.Oresik
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                                                                                 Which Class Should I Take??
    Which Science class should I take as a Freshman?
        What is the difference between Academic and Research Biology?
         What is DE/AP Biology? What are the prerequisites?
    Please visit the "Course Selection" tab on the left to access resources that can assist you with scheduling your Science classes.   From level differences and complete course descriptions to assistance with scheduling your entire science career at Heritage, we have provided links to address your scheduling needs.  
    (Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Science Department Chair: jodie.bland@lcps.org or the counseling department.)
    Dissection Policy
    Students enrolled in life science courses may participate in animal dissection. Students who decline to participate will be offered alternatives to dissection. A student’s objection to participating in an animal dissection should be substantiated by a signed note from his or her parent or legal guardian. 
     Biology Fun!
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