• Bullying Prevention

    Harmony Middle School believes that all students have the right to attend school where their individual differences are respected and where they are free of fear of harassment and bullying. The school actively upholds and supports efforts to prevent harassment and bullying.
    The responsibility for combating bullying rests with the entire school community. Administrators are the acknowledged leaders in this effort; however, responsibility for effective anti-bullying programs must be the responsibility of the total school community. The administrators, teachers, counselors, students, and parents must be united in their knowledge, approach, and response to this effort.
    Harmony Bullying Prevention Coordinators:
    Jamie Sharp, Lead Counselor

    Steps for Receiving, Reporting, and Investigating bullying complaints: 

    1. Bullying incidents may be reported by any student, adult, or staff member.
    2. All incidents of bullying should be reported to a school adult, preferably the grade level school counselor or administrator.
    3. This bullying incident may be reported in person, by telephone, or in writing (We also have an online anonymous form available).
    4. Once a bullying report has been made, the counselor or administrator will determine if it will be handled as a discipline case or a mediation or if it needs involvement from the School Resource Officer (SRO).
    5. The team or individual will be follow up the complaint by collecting additional information from students, parents, or staff, and work towards a resolution.  This may include notifying staff, counseling students, assigning discipline, or turning the case over to law enforcement.
    6. Finally, based on the confidentiality of the situation, every effort will be made to support the student by alerting staff and parents and prevent it from occurring again.



    For more information on Loudoun County Public Schools' policies with regard to Bullying Prevention, please select the links below.

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Last Modified on September 20, 2022