• Accident Injury

  • The Accidental Injury policy can provide you and your family with the coverage and additional financial protection you may need for expenses associated with an unexpected covered accident. The plan pays you (or whoever you designate) a fixed cash payment for a broad range of treatments or injuries resulting from a covered accident. What you do with the money is all up to you. Payments can help with medical plan deductibles, copays or coinsurance costs, child care, help around the house – or go in the bank. Again, it's cash to you to use as you see fit.  Employees may enroll in this benefit at hire, during open enrollment or following a qualifying event.  
    Enrollment, Changes and Termination

    Visit the Benefits Basics page to find information on: 
    • Eligibility for Benefits
    • Enrollments and Changes
    • Making Benefit Elections/Changes
    • Coverage for Dependents
    • Qualifying Events/Mid-Year Changes
    • Termination of Coverage
    • COBRA Coverage
Last Modified on May 30, 2024