Course Selection
    Course Selection
    Heritage High School offers a wide range of Science Courses, all designed
    to meet the various needs of our students. 9th-grade science placement is based on a student's
    8th-grade course, student grades, teacher recommendation, counselor review, and student skill level.  
    COURSE SELECTION NIGHT:  Monday, February 3
    Please join us at 7:30 pm on January 28 in the Auditorium at Heritage High School for our annual Course Selection Night. Presentations from all Core Department Chairs will help you to better understand course selection in the various content areas. Learn about new course offerings and resources available to students and parents to help facilitate the course selection process. Breakout sessions will allow you to ask specific questions to Department Chairs and you will be provided with valuable informational handouts.
    Please click on the link below to access the presentation from the Science Department on Course Selection Night:
    Below are some useful links to assist you in selecting and scheduling your science courses throughout your high school career. For information regarding the level and rigor difference within specific disciplines (For example Academic vs. Research Biology) please visit the link for each course.
    Course Selection Flowchart This flowchart helps to see the "big picture" and allows students to start to plan their science pathway by using the provided color-coded Science Rigor Scale 
    Course Selection Prezi The following presentation is designed to assist you in selecting your science pathway throughout your high school career.
    General Course Offerings  This link provides general information; it differentiates between the various levels of courses offered, and outlines the skills and time commitment required for each level
    Course Descriptions (English) This link provides in-depth information about the various courses offered as set forth by the county