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VA Standards of Learning (SOLs) Curriculum Framework Compared to the National Common Core Standards
SOL Tips: Key Terms for Mastering the Writing and Reading SOL
SOL Writing Resources
SOL Writing Resources
Pronoun-Antecedent PowerPoint
SOL Persuasive Writing Resources
SOL End of Course (EOC) Writing Tests
SOL RLR resources presented from the state of Virginia testing center.
 The resources, Grade 8 Reading Demonstration Items and EOC Reading Demonstration Items,
consist of previously released SOL reading passages and test items based on the 2002 standards
and are presented using the new TestNav 7 software.  (Certain computers must meet TestNav 7
requirements to access these tools.)

Grade 8 Reading Demonstration Items

EOC Reading Demonstration Items
SOL End of Course (EOC) Reading, Literature, and Research (RLR) Tests
SOL Reading Activities
SOL PowerPoint Presentations (Reading Strategies)
Relationships I (Transitions)
Relationships II (Transitions)
Literary Terms
WorkKeys Information: Alternative for the EOC Reading and Writing SOL 
SOL Practice Sites
Wonderful Reading Comprehension Passages and Answers
Another Wonderful Reading Comprehension Site 
Reading Comprehension Connection
Practice Reading Skills

Online Reading Activities

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Reading Comprehension Practice Tests

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Identifying Tone

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Reading for Thinking: Context Clues, Understanding Bias, Drawing Conclusions, Purpose and Tone, and Paraphrasing

Vocabulary in Context

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Short Story Literary Elements

Grammar and Reading Comprehension

Interactive SOL Games
Battleship Game with RLR Questions
Flashcards, concentration, and Matching for the RLR
Number the Steps You Should Follow When Doing Research