Things Anyone Can Do To Save Energy

    1.  Be sure that all doors and windows are closed when heating or cooling systems are on.

    2.  Ensure doors between conditioned and non-conditioned spaces remain closed at all times.  For example:  doors between gyms and hallways, doors between auditorium and halls, doors to mechanical rooms, and all outside doors.

    3.  Look under and around closed doors, if you can see outside, the weather-stripping needs to be replaced, submit a work request to have it fixed.


    4.  Turn off the lights when you leave; this applies to any area, any time, even if it’s just for a few moments.  Lights should not be left on in unoccupied areas.


    5.  Be aware of closets, storage rooms, rest rooms, mechanical rooms, and other areas that are not highly occupied.  Make sure the lights are off in those areas when they are not in use.


    6. Gym and athletic field lights should not be left on unless they are being utilized.


    7.  Take a special look at outside lights. (parking lot lights, lights under awnings, security lights, etc) Outside lights should be turned off during the day.  Submit a work request to have outside lights that you see on during the day turned off.

    8.  When the school is empty of facility users, custodians should only turn on lights in the areas where they are working.


    9.  Make sure that all toilets stop running water shortly after they flush.  If water continues to flow, submit a work request to have it fixed.


    10.  Check all faucets and make sure they don’t drip when they are turned off.  If they continue to drip, submit a work request to have it fixed.


    11.  Turn off all unnecessary equipment you use when you are through with it. 



Last Modified on December 7, 2012