Summer Assignments
    All HHS summer assignments are designed to give students a breath of curriculum in the upcoming course. Completing the assignment in the summer is optional, for this exact assignment will be completed within the first two weeks of school in your assigned English class.
    Each summer assignment will be submitted on Vision to Turnitin.com, a popular website for submitting work. 
    You will submit your assignment to Vision during the first two weeks of school.
    English 9 Honors, English 10 Honors, English 11 Honors, and AP Language will not have summer assignments this summer (2020).


    Remember: Turnitin.com is a website that scans all writing assignments for matches.  Therefore, if a student has already submitted a summer assignment from last year or two students attempt to submit the same assignment, Turnitin.com flags the writing. We use Turnitin.com as a teaching tool, for we aim to teach students about plagiarism before they leave Heritage High School.  

    English 111/112 DE Summer Assignment (click on this title)


    To access the DE summer assignment, click on the title above.  You will submit the assignment once school starts.  


    APLiterature Summer Assignment (click on this title)

    Text to Read: How to Read Literature Like a Professor

    • If you would like to read a digital copy, please use this PDF of the first edition.
    • If you would like to borrow a copy , please contact Mrs. Yi  
    • If you choose to purchase your own copy, you will probably be purchasing the second edition (red cover). Because of edition changes you MUST also read the PDF linked below. The new edition of the text removed "If It's a Square, It's a Sonnet," but you are still responsible for knowing this information about sonnets (in addition to the rest of the book!). Please see the summer assignment information sheet for more details about the first edition. PDF: HTRLLAP, Chapter 4: If It’s a Square, It’s a Sonnet   


     Supplementary Material:

    AP Literary Terms