2018-2019 HHS English Department Awards

    The following commentary from teachers highlights these awardees.


    Outstanding 9th Grade Student: Jaclyn “Jackie” Lewis

    Jackie is a model 9th Grade Honors English student and one of the best I’ve worked with in years.  She has a genuine love of reading and writing – her enthusiasm is evident, both in her approach to the literature and in the attitude/perspective she brings to class daily.  She is always committed to the task at hand – never missing an assignment and always scoring well on assessments. Most notably, she is an incredibly talented writer, and her analysis skills are top notch.  If I am ever looking for a model of an assignment to use with students, I know (without fail) that I can pull Jackie’s work and it will be nearly flawless. I have used her work as a class model on numerous occasions, and sometimes I wonder if she’s written it better than I could myself as an English teacher!  Ultimately, Jackie is a stellar English student and an even better person, and she is very deserving of the recognition of Top English 9 Student.


    Outstanding 10th Grade Student: Inaya Hasan

    Inaya Hasan is a masterful student. She consistently demonstrates sophistication and significant insights both in her writing and in her contributions to class discussions. Her work reveals a superior level of analysis: the connections she makes and the commentary in her essays are the products of a keen mind. Furthermore, Inaya consistently emerges as a leader among her peers. For instance, she raises the bar when it comes to student-led discussions. Instead of settling for a superficial understanding of a text, she works to uncover the author’s purpose through style, organization, and figurative language. Undoubtedly, she is a worthy recipient of the Top English 10 Student award.


    Outstanding 11th Grade Student: Connor Leslie

    Connor is an incredibly dedicated student!  Conscientious, inquisitive, and reflective are just a few of the many outstanding traits that describe him.  His focus is unparalleled, for he is always working to refine his craft. He represents the traits of a learned man; he wants to gain knowledge and grow from every educational encounter. Mr. Leslie, you also understand how to serve as a guide to others.  When your peers ask for your assistance, you offer it with patience and respect.  This is a reason you are so respected in the classroom. Mr. Leslie, your passion and commitment for your academics, athletics, and personal development will lead you to greatness in life. Bravo, sir, bravo!   


    Outstanding 12th Grade Student: Cole Guinther

    Cole is one of those students that every teacher dreams of having. He involves himself with every socratic seminar; he analyzes every piece of literature; his writing is always on point; he takes peer reviews seriously and offers his peers actual helpful advice, and he always completed every homework assignment, some of them even weeks before they were due. On top of all these traits which make Cole a great student, Cole is one of those individuals who is also an incredible human being. He is inclusive towards all, has the most positive attitude I have ever seen, and was always willing to give a helping hand to a peer (or a teacher). I cannot think of a better person in which to award this honor. Congratulations, Cole!

    Outstanding Dual Enrollment Student: Megan Childs

    From the very beginning, Megan’s strong love for English was not only evident, but infectious! Whenever I needed someone to talk to, in-depth, about English, Megan was the one for whom I knew I could turn. She was always willing to discuss books, and she honestly appeared to enjoy analyzing literature. In addition, Megan was always willing to help her peers, and she always impressed everyone with her witty and intelligent writing. She will be sorely missed, and it will be difficult to find another Dual Enrollment student like her.


    Outstanding AP Student: Casey Newman

    Casey is a strong student.  Casey excels in a sea of exceptionally talented students.  Casey’s rhetorical analysis skills and sound synthesis skills warrant this high award. Furthermore, Casey recognizes how to deftly serve as a project manager when contributing to class projects.  Casey Newman, you are truly deserving of this high award. Excellence Deserves Acclaim! Congratulations!

    Outstanding English Elective Student: Kathryn Bentley

    Kathryn (Kate) Bentley was a valuable asset to the yearbook staff this year. She took it upon herself to train staff members, she was a positive classroom role model, she worked on the team of Editors to lead the staff and create the yearbook, and she exuded a cheerful presence during work and class time. Her contributions leave a legacy for the staffs to come, and she will be missed!


    Outstanding Senior Student:Raneem Atiyeh

    Raneem is a Renaissance woman! Her strong writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills shine among her peers. Raneem seamlessly incorporates all of her passions and experiences into her learning--she makes connections between literature and her own life, the world around her, and humanity at large. Her dedication to her studies is commendable and her love of literature is noteworthy. In addition to being a strong English student, Raneem served as Editor in Chief of yearbook this year. She was amazing: a diplomatic and efficient leader. Her contributions to the various enclaves of the English department will not be forgotten after Raneem graduates; we will miss her.

    Outstanding RWC Student: Tyler Saunders

    Tyler consistently gives 100% to all of his literary development.  When completing activities in the Reading Writing Center, Tyler always valued the guidance and support he received. In fact, Tyler so expertly mastered the reinforcement curriculum, that he moved along to the Advanced Placement/Honors curriculum. This curriculum is designed to help students stretch their critical thinking and literary analysis. Tyler, bravo! We value your efforts!


    Outstanding RWC Tutor: Julia Post

    Julia works so hard helping students in the Reading Writing Center. We appreciate all of the support you are giving students. Thank you for your passion for English. You are a star student in the English department. Whether you are sharing your poetry magic or supporting others, it is valued and appreciated.  Well Done!